Game Cube Mobile Application Design

项目名称:游戏魔方(Game Cube)
设计范围:游戏社区设计 · 互联网社交设计 · 品牌设计 · 手机APP设计 · 图标ICON设计· UI&UX设计· 用户体验设计

Game Cube is a game community mobile app for all gamers. It is dedicated to providing players with timely and professional information,
evaluation and in-depth experience content, as well as game e-sports live function, second-hand game trading function, popular game player
The trading community also provides game discount consultation and reminder services.




LOGO设计构思 · LOGO Design Conception



LOGO设计 · Logo design



ICON设计 · icon design



手机应用设计 · APP design


登录页设计 · Log in design



APP首页设计 · APP Home Page Design



APP首页设计 · APP Home Page Design



个人主页设计 · Profile design



游戏评分页面设计 · Review design



游戏直播模块设计 · Video design



游戏销售模块设计 · Game sales



APP应用控件设计规范 · ios ket



APP应用设计UX交互稿 · APP Wireframes