Pet Doctor mobile app design

设计范围:互联网医疗产品设计 · 品牌设计 · 手机APP设计 · 图标ICON设计· UI&UX设计· 用户体验设计
项目简介:宠物医生手机应用程序(Pet Doctor mobile app design)旨在帮助宠物获得健康治疗的方案,并提供一些关于照顾他们的信息。

Project:Pet Doctors App is designed to help you with your pets health and provide some good information about caring for them.
Pet Doctors goal is to have this application updated regularly, so that in coming editions, we will have sections for how-to
videos, behaviour advice, preventative care, growth charts and much much more. This app is free.




功能简介 · Function introduction



图标设计 · ICON Design



配色方案 · Color scheme



字体规范 · Font specification



交互设计原型图 · Interactive prototype



交互动态模型设计 · Interactive Dynamic Model Design



图形设计规范 · Graphic Design Specification



进入页设计 · Entry Page Design



首页&属性选择 · Home Page & Property Selection



宠物用药 · Pet medication



用药列表 · List medication



选择患病部位 · Selection of diseased sites



进入页动效 ·Entry Page UX



首页UX动效 · Home Page UX



选择患病部位UX动效 · Selection of diseased sites UX



宠物用药UX动效 · Pet medication UX



宠物疫苗 · Pet Vaccine Calculator



附近医院 · Nearby hospital



宠物疫苗UX动效 · Pet vaccine UX



附近医院UX动效 · Nearby hospital UX



手机移动端展示 ·Mobile Display



网站首页设计 · Website design



产品介绍页面设计 · Product Introduction Page Design



关于我们页面设计 · About page design



网站首页设计动效 · Home page design UX



产品介绍页面动效 · Product Introduction Page Design UX



网站&手机端效果展示 · Rendering effect

实机演示视频:手机端 · Demo video


实机演示视频:网站 · Demo video