Star Wars Mobile Phone Theme Design

设计范围:手机主题设计· 图标ICON设计· UI&UX设计· 游戏界面设计 · 游戏社区社交 · 用户体验设计

Project:Star Wars mobile phone theme design, using flat style color matching and icon design, combined with the conceptual design of
games and social concepts, through the movie characters, scenes, props graphics to build the overall vision of the theme.The
Star Wars mobile phone theme is a personal project, only for conceptual design and love of movies.




手机桌面UX动效 · Desktop UX



手机天气插件UX动效 · Weather plug-in UX



社区界面设计 · Community Interface Design



个人介绍UX动效 · Personal introduction UX



信息页面UX动效 · Message UX



整体界面控件 · Integral Interface Control