Touker Mobile Application Design

设计范围:互联网金融产品设计 · 互联网社交设计 · 品牌设计 · 手机APP设计 · 图标ICON设计· UI&UX设计· 用户体验设计

Project:Touker APP is an internet financial service and investment community platform created for investors. It is different from the previous
exploration of financial institutions on the internet. Its innovation lies in constantly tapping the potential of social development of financial users,
using refined management to amplify users'needs, in order to forecast the market more accurately, follow the investment in the most simple and
fast way, and in the society. On the basis of this, a deeper extension has been made.





交互关键页动效模型设计 · Interactive Design




界面UI&UX控件动效库 · UI&UX KET




产品首页设计 · Product Home Page Design



行情&社区设计 · Market & Community Design




进入页UX动效 · APP design UX



行情UX动效 · APP Market UX



行情UX动效 · APP Market UX



金融社区UX动效 · Financial Community UX



消息UX动效 · message UX



帐户&交易设计 · Account & Transaction Design



自定义模块设计 · Custom Module Design



资产页面&银行卡UX动效 · Assets page & Bank cardUX



投资风格设定&应用主题切换 UX动效· Investment Style Setting-Application Subject Switching UX