项目名称:猫头鹰阅读APP(Owlbook APP)
设计范围:手机APP设计&网站设计 · UI&UX设计· icon设计 · 用户体验设计

Project description: Owl Books mobile application, designed for children over 5 years old to develop their interest in reading from an early age. It selects the best children's books from the world's outstanding audiobooks and cartoon picture books for children and customize the book list for each child through its intelligent reading function according to the children's reading interests and preferences. The app's audio picture books also involve children's intellective games, in which children assemble the words or match them to complete the storyline, in the meantime, the app offers a variety of musical sound effects so as to allow children to experience the atmosphere of the story themselves. In this app, parents can also discuss their children's reading interests with other parents who care about children's reading, and customize different reading chapters for their children. What the children want to see is the wider world, Owl Books can enable the children to see more possibilities.


实机演示视频:手机端 · Demo video





情绪版&产品配色 · Emotional Version&Product Colour Matching



LOGO/ICON设计 · Logo/ICON design



LOGO/ICON使用规范 · LOGO/ICON Usage Specification



APP 体验地图设计 · APP Experience Map Design



产品原型图设计 · Product prototype design



交互关键页动效设计 · Interactive Key Pages Design



字体使用规范 · Specification for font usage



注册/登录 设计· Registration/Login Design




首页设计 · Home Page Design



书本介绍页面设计 · Book Introduction Page Design



有声读本界面设计 · Audio Reader&Comment Page



环境声音氛围设定 · Ambient sound atmosphere setting



注册/登录 UX动效· Registration/Login Design UX



书籍类别选择页面 UX动效· Book Category Selection Page UX



书本介绍页面 UX动效 · Book Introduction Page Design UX



有声读本界面 UX动效 · Audio Reader&Comment Page UX



阅读计划页面设计 · Reading Plan Page Design



精品有声读本推荐页面 · Recommended pages for quality audio books



家长阅读交流页面 · Parents Read Exchange Pages



书籍类别选择页面 · Book Category Selection Page



阅读计划页面设计 UX动效 · Reading Plan Page Design UX



家长阅读交流页面 UX动效· Parents Read Exchange Pages UX



整体页面 · Whole page