Line OS

项目名称:Line OS
设计范围:手机系统设计· 图标ICON设计· UI&UX设计· 用户体验设计
项目简介:Line os系统提供了易于使用的功能,在操作系统的基础上提供了各种新功能。这是一个安全且合规的平台,

Line os provides an easy to use, With a variety of new features at the base of the operating system.a secure and compliant
platform that aims to simplify new technology and encourage mainstream adoption. We designed a concept of the product
that will allow users from world to use “Bank ID” and purchase and sell Bitcoin with.


手机桌面UX动效 · Desktop UX


手机音乐播放器UX动效 · Mobile Music Player UX


手机音乐播放器UX动效 · Mobile Music Player UX


实际效果展示 · Actual effect demonstration